Creative Decisions Foundation Events

T. L. Saaty Decision Making Ideathon

Swanson Engineering School, University of Pittsburgh

The panel of judges will be composed of professionals from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences related to the topic at hand and the decision-making methods. Judges will include members from the international AHP/ANP community of academics and practitioners and professionals/executives that work with the business partner. The panel of judges for the preliminary and final rounds will differ.

Presentations will be judged based on the teams ability to analyze the information presented by the business partner, clearly define the problem to be solved, effectively use the decision-making methods, be creative in their proposed solution, and communicate a recommended course of action. Importance will be placed on the creativity of the proposed alternatives and the feasibility of the teams solution.

Judges will ask questions and give feedback at the end of each presentation.

    Round One

  • Thumbnail description Birsen Karpak
    Distinguished Professor
    Youngstown State University, USA
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  • Thumbnail description Marcel Minutolo
    Professor of Management
    Robert Morris University, USA
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  • Thumbnail description David Brauer
    Decision Making Engineering Consultant
    WVU John Chambers College of Business and Economics, USA
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  • Thumbnail description Antonella Petrillo, Italy
    University of Napoli Parthenope, Italy
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  • Thumbnail description Shashi Bhattarai
    Co-founder and Director
    Knowledge Holding International, Nepal
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  • Thumbnail description Anna Florek-Paszkowska
    Centrum PUCP, Poland
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  • Thumbnail description Mónica García Melón
    Politechnich University of Valencia, Spain
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  • Thumbnail description Lirong Wei
    Creative Decisions Foundation, China
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  • Round Two

  • Thumbnail description Luis Vargas
    Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh, USA
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  • Thumbnail description Rozann W. Saaty
    President and Executive Director
    Creative Decisions Foundation, USA
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  • Thumbnail description Enrique Mu
    Professor, MBA
    IJAHP Editor-in-Chief
    Carlow University, USA
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  • Thumbnail description Asma Bahurmoz
    ALMORAGHAM, Saudi Arabia
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