Measuring in Weighted Environments

Claudio Garuti
Publisher(s): RWS Publications
Language: English, American
Pages: 76
ISBN: 978-1888603-217

Abstract: The group's decision is usually understood to be the reduction of different individual preferences among objects in a given set to a single collective preference or group preference. In recent years, the researchers have tended to concentrate on the analysis of decisions that are ""reasonable"" from certain point of view, rather than on how group choices are in fact made. This book focuses on the most complex decision making structures, in which several persons are involved in the decision making process, of which each has not only one decisional criterion but several. In addition these criteria are incommensurables, which are usually the case in reality. Particularly it addresses the problem of measuring in weighted decision making environments using the concept of compatibility of priority vectors.

Subject(s): Group decision making

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