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MCDM 2019,Istanbul, Turkey - CDF Awardees

The MCDM2019 Conference was held at Istanbul Technical University (ITU) in Istanbul and the award reception for the CDF awardees was held at the ITU pool overlooking the Bosphorus strait in Istanbul on Monday, June 17.

Twenty-one PhD students and teachers or researchers with recent PhD degrees received grants from Creative Decisions Foundation of the registration fee for the MCDM2019 Conference. To apply for a grant an applicant needed to have written a paper involving AHP or ANP and been accepted to make a presentation on it at the conference. A joint committee from the MCDM2019 organizers and Creative Decisions Foundation decided who the awards should go to.

The award recipients came from 13 countries and the scope of the papers they wrote included ways they applied AHP in applications in various fields to the theoretical papers they wrote. One of the purposes of Creative Decisions Foundation is to help researchers publish papers on AHP and one of the ways to get them started is to encourage them to write their first paper, and it was quite a successful initiative judging by the quality of the papers.

You can see some pictures of the awards being presented, here:

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