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Welcome to the CDF's Paper Database

This is where anyone who likes can submit papers, and search through those papers. Note by a paper, we mean:
  • A technical paper
  • A model file
  • A power point slide show
  • And many more file types


The central concept of this archive is that of a submission. A submission has:
  • One-Four authors
  • One or more files
  • A title
  • An abstract
  • A date of publication
  • A list of keywords
So a submission can for instance have one word document, two ANP Model files, one ExpertChoice model file, and a powerpoint slide show.


To submit a paper you must first create an Author listing for yourself. You will need to choose a password (so that only you can edit your submitted papers).

When you try to edit/create a paper it will ask you for a UserID and password. The UserID is your email address.


We hope you find this database system useful. Please let us know of any problems you have with it, or anything you feel should be changed.

The Creative Decisions Team

If you have any problems with these web pages, or any comments about them, please email, or you can use our contact form.